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Getting Migration Advice (Australia)

Where can I get assistance/Migration advice to get an Australian Visa.

There are rules about who can help you with immigration assistance. Make sure the person who is helping you is a registered migration agent, a legal practitioner or is on the list of people who are allowed to help you ​(an exempt person).​​​

Registered migration agents:

  • are qualified in migration law and procedure
  • are bound by a Code of Conduct to act in the interest of their client
  • have met professional standards relating to knowledge and character
  • must be listed on the Register of Migration Agents on the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) website

Who CANNOT give assistance / migration advice regarding visa applications ?

If someone tells you they are a registered migration agent or legal practitioner but the agent is not on the OMARA Register or if they claim to be a legal practitioner but do not hold an Australian legal practising certificate, you should not get immigration assistance from them. This includes education agents. 

An education agent is someone who can assist you with your options for studying in Australia. An education agent who is not a registered migration agent or legal practitioner must not give you immigration assistance – it is unlawful to do this.

What are the RISKS of using someone who is NOT Qualified ?

If someone who is not a registered migration agent or legal practitioner gives you immigration assistance, they might:

  • not know about migration law
  • give you incorrect advice
  • make false promises
  • try to take advantage of your situation
  • not handle your money the right way (some have taken large amounts of money from their clients)
  • not keep proper files
  • misplace your important documents (including your original documents)
  • not tell you if and when the Department grants or refuses your visa application
The OMARA cannot take action on a complaint against a person that is not on the OMARA Register.  

Complaints about legal practitioners are addressed by their relevant state or territory legal services regulator, not the OMARA.

Can I get the help on my visa applications from my FRIEND or FAMILY MEMBER ?

Exempt persons can help you on visa applications

A person who is not a registered migration agent or legal
practitioner may help with your application if they are 1 or more of the

  • your nominator or sponsor
  • your close family member
  • a parliamentarian
  • a member of a diplomatic mission
  • a member of a consular post
  • a member of an international organisation
  • preparing a submission to the Minister for Home Affairs

A person who is not a registered migration agent or legal practitioner must not charge you a fee for their help.

How can I report an unlawful operator ?

It is illegal for someone to give immigration assistance if they are not on the Register of migration agents, a legal practitioner or are not on the list of exempt persons. We call these people unlawful operators. If you think someone is an unlawful operator, you should report to Australian Immigration Department.

Be aware of visa scams.

To report an unlawful operator, use the Border Watch Online Report on the Department’s website or call 1800 009 623 (in Australia).

Employment in Australia

Are you also an Employment/Recruitement Agency ?

No, We do not engage in Recruitment or employment services.

The migration agents do not engage in the “recruitment” activities due to potential conflict of interest to their profession. They have no affiliation with prospective employers. They do not seek employees for any companies and they do not screen potential employees’ qualifications nor interview them for recommendation to hire or not hire the workers​

Registered Migration Agents do not involve in recruitment practices as it could lead to a potential conflict of interest for their profession (Visa application).

We help migrants to get a visa with work rights which is the first step if someone is interested in getting employment in Australia.

Recruitments activities are performed by separate agencies in Australia. Some of the well known ones are given below (Click to visit their website).

  •     Hays Specialist Recruitment job employment agency
  •     Adecco: Recruitment Agency
  •     Randstad Australia | Specialist Recruitment Agency
  •     Robert Walters Australia

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